Once opted in to the Mojimania subscription service, you will receive new mobile content throughout the week.

With Mojimania, we are offering you the most complex Emoji-Service. Subscribers are getting access to a collection of over 2.000 high quality Emojis. And new Emojis are constantly been added. Times where you had to search the internet for new Emojis or wait for updates from their proffered Instant Messenger App are over. Thanks to Mojimania it has never been easier to express emotions with cool and unique Emojis.

This content is sent via a WAP link and can then be easily downloaded to your mobile phone.


You are receiving 1 message per week on Tuesday (resend of failed messages the following day), S$8.56 w/GST per SMS and + S$8.56 w/GST one time registration fee. 

To cancel the subscription, just send SMS 'STOP SMILE' to '146073300'.


Have fun with our service!